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Tina Bangel is a Vocal Coach, Singer and Songwriter. One Voice can change the world was created to share inspiring stories from people making a difference in the music industry and in the world today. Incredible Voices who will give you the tools & tips to help you become a performer you will be proud of. Helping you take your lifestyle and music business to the next level.
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Dec 14, 2015

I first met Elaine as one of members who signed up for Lewis Howes' School of Greatness Academy. I have watched her grow her start up business and her company Neon Owl is something to watch out for if you are into Electronic dance music.

Elaine has been working slowly but surely over the months and I was blown away with the community she has created in such a short period of time.

I wanted to interview Elaine because of her passion to use music as a form to give back to the community. She has purpose and drive that is contagious. She bravely left her 6 figure income to pursue this dream. We dive into how was that transition for her.

I ask her questions that could also help musicians and singers build upon their business, such as using services like Thunder clap, Indigogo to help build awareness for your music. We chat about how she reaches out to influencers and builds her networks so her message can be heard.

Here are my questions:

  • Tell us about your company Neon Owl.
  • You mentioned that you love music even through you don’t play an instrument, how did you develop the concept of Neon Owl and how did it come about?
  • Many people are afraid of charting into new territory how did you make the transition of leaving your 6 figure corporate job into diving into creating your dream job
  • Tell us about Thunder clap and how you use it to promote your cause? 
  • How can a musician, performer or singer use Thunderclap for their advantage?
  • You have been really proactive in reaching out to influencers or people who are doing so well in the dance genre- what are some of the steps you have taken to build relationships with them in such a short period of time. I think it would be beneficial for my audience to grasp the concept of networking and building rapport with people in their networks.
  • What is in the pipelines for you?

Neon Owl Event  18th Dec Charity Event

Neon Owl Presents: A Neon Christmas - Save The Music Charity Show @ HUE SF - Ken Loi, ADAPT, Philip Adrian & AJ ORB/T

Connect with Elaine at:

We mentioned:

Lewis Howes School of Greatness

21 day Singing Challenge

Outro Music Be Heard by Tina Bangel

Nov 11, 2015

Episode 009 How to create your own show

The One Voice of Veronica Alonzo


Veronica is a Sydney based Singer and Producer


Sometimes we are held back to pursue our dreams but Veronica had the courage to slowly but surely climb that mountain, the mountain of the music industry.

Learn about her musical journey as a student of NIDA and her experience as Kim in the Chatswood amateur production of Miss Saigon.

We chat about how she gave Lea Salonga a tour around the Opera House and her experience.

How she mentally prepared for the Lea Salonga concert as a support artist.

How to create your own show

- Do a show that is true to you

- Find songs that you love and weave a story around it

- Open yourself up to people and be vulnerable

-  Have a team that you trust

What were the struggles creating the show - Budgeting and marketing


Make sure you support Veronica and her friends:

State of Mind

Vanguard Newtown

18th of November, 2015


Things we chat about:

The power of Instagram

Follow Veronica  

Lea Salonga

Jeepney owned by Nicole Ponseca

Clarissa Bock


Follow me Tina Bangel on instagram for the 21day singing challenge which starts on the 21st of November 2015


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The art of celebrating your wins – Inspired by Ms Lea Salonga

6 ways to deal with Haters, Critics and Judgemental people


Email to be a guest on the podcast


Nov 9, 2015

Chantelle Duffield is the founder of Studio Expansion and works with performing arts studio owners to help them attract more students, boost their student retention and make running their studio easier!

Through her online courses and her popular video blog, Studio Expansion TV, she has helped thousands of studio owners around the world share their passion for performing and the life changing benefits of the performing arts with more students!

Here are the questions I asked:

  1. Tell us about what you do?
  2. Tell us about your musical upbringing, have you always wanted to sing and how it comes about?
  3. I love seeing your photos of you conducting at the opera house, tell us about that and how you got involved?
  4. How did you make the transition from owning a successful studio to what you do now?
  5. What are the things you did as a studio owner that you felt were "failures" but helped you grow to where you are now?
  6. What are your marketing tips for people starting out their own studio?
  7. What are some tips people can do now to increase your students?
  8. What is one song that has changed your life?
  9. How can people connect with you?


Chantelle suggests:

  1. Creating an event where people can connect with you and your community
  2. Create a Leadpage where you can create a landing page that collects emails and leads:

(This is an affiliate link so if you decide to get Leadpages I will receive a commission from the sales)

  1. Create a nurture sequence of emails that offer educational tips and position you as an authority using Mailchimp.


Once you have attracted a student to your door or phone we chat about how to make an enquiry “all about the student”.


How you can start making the right connection with the potential student by asking the right questions and finding out who they are and what they would like to achieve.

Ask them 4 questions like:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Who do you like listening to?
  3. What do you want to achieve with singing?
  4. What are your singing challenges?

One tip to attract more students is to start marketing and promoting your classes or boot camp 6-8 weeks before they start.

Ways to promote your event creating consistent nudges and taps via Facebook Ads and School Newsletters.



Solidify the connection before asking them to re- enroll

Sending postcards focusing on what they are Thriving on, what they need to work on and giving encouragement.




We dive into:

How to create a successful choir

How to grow your studio and what happens when you fear success.

How to map out your year

How Chantelle plans 6 months in advance

Chantelle’s tips are:

“Do the marketing and don’t get stuck doing the day to day – don’t check your inbox straight away”

Create systems so that your studio runs smoother

- Establish Auto responders

Keeping track of the 4 quadrants at the beginning of each week: Retention, Attraction, Team and Systems

Please visit

For the Free mini course: 30 Enrolments in 30 Days


What was mentioned on this podcast:

Star Maker Accelerator Live event

Lisa Messenger

Rick Barker

Bobbie Brown Makeup

Alphie Sadsad

Fideliz Cruz

Lauren Sol & Co

Lionel Cole


Outro Music: Our Cafe

Oct 6, 2015

I use singing as my way of releasing my frustrations and expressing myself.

It’s a way to calm me and I enjoy the spiritual feeling I get from it.

It must be the deep breathing and the centering.

But what happens when singing is your job and sometimes you always fall sick before an important gig.

Over the years, through dealing with students and professional singers, I had noticed that the first thing to go is the voice.

What happens when you can’t overcome performance anxiety no matter how much you practice.

This is where Melissa Zammit, of Pure Energy Therapies, comes in. This is just another resource that you can use to overcome performance anxiety or to prepare yourself for gigs, mentally and physically.

Melissa is a fully qualified Energetic Healing practitioner. (Diploma of Energetic Healing). She has a background in Cancer Nursing and experience as a Clinical Nurse Consultant working directly with woman with Breast Cancer.

Melissa and I first met at a Marie Forleo’s B-school gathering and from the moment I met her I was drawn to her work.

This energy healing is not to replace any medical professional advice. 

I know you will get a lot of practical tips within this interview to help you as a performer.

We chat about her work and how it has helped many people,

her gift of seeing spirits, which angel to call upon to help clear blockages, and the affirmations and techniques (EFT) that will help you to manifest the performance you want.

Here are my questions and what you will learn:


  1. Tell us about what you do?
  1. What is energy? 
  1. How can your work help singers and performers?
  1. What are some ways that someone at home can clear their own energy so they can be more confident?
  1. How to clear blocked energy through Chakra meditation?

Related Glands | organs | Colour | Musical Note

Pineal | Crown | Purple |  Note B

Pituitary | 3rd eye | Violet | Note A

Thyroid | Throat | Blue | Note G

Thymus | Heart | Green | Note F

Pancreas | Solar Plexus | Yellow | Note E

Spleen | Stomach | Orange |  Note D

Gonads | Base | Red | Note C


  1. What, where and is the throat Chakra and How can you clear the throat chakra? How do you know that you have a blocked throat Chakra?
  1. I remember having a chat to you during our B-school meet up and you mentioned you see spirits? Tell us about the first time you saw one and what is their purpose? How can someone tap into that side of their being?
  1. The fear of being heard or seen can be very powerful that it can hold some people down or stop people from going for their dreams - if we don't have access to a energy healer how can a parent or a coach help someone from overcoming that fear?


Connect with Melissa:

Website| Facebook |



Rick Barker of Music Industry Blueprint


To book for the Star Maker Accelerator live event:


Music Credit: Tina Bangel

Tomorrow it’ll be a better day


Sep 1, 2015

The art of thinking outside the box with Joel Fuentes Gallarde  & Emeroy Bernardo 


Joel  Gallarde  & Emeroy Bernardo have thepassion and drive for dance that they naturally think outside the box.  I enjoyed listening to their journey as they find ways to monetise their love for dance and create pathways to inspire others along the way.

Like most Filipino children they were encouraged to dance for family gatherings and was drawn to the applause, community and lifestyle dance offered.

We dive into how they started making a living from dance. Emeroy, successfully sells online dance lessons through Udemy and has exciting plans to creating an app for dancers, which could potentially bleed into other avenues. 

Joel has a thriving company that has expanded Internationally.  All developed through stepping out of his comfort zone connecting with Influencers and the movers and shakers of the dance world.

If you want to learn more on how they are creating big waves in the dance world today I invite you to listen to the whole podcast as you go about your day (driving to work with Ads and mindless chatter can be a bore)

Performers and singers can take away some nuggets too!

I certainly did!  If you enjoyed this or know of someone who can benefit from what we spoke about please share, like or comment on the post.

They answer questions like:

§  When did you know you wanted to dance for a living? 

§  Individually you have turned your love for dance into a thriving business. What did first steps did you do to generate income for yourself?

§  How do you keep yourself motivated?

§  What are your tips for anyone who what's to make a full time living as a dancer?

§  What do you see in the future for dance?

§  Making money from dance? What is your advice when asking for a talent fee?

§  What is One Song that changed your life?


Joel Fuentes Gallarde chats about his company and projects.

The Company of University Dancers (CUDZ) was founded by Joel Fuentes Gallarde in 2001 at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. The group has extended its services beyond the student community & now is one of the most well established Hip Hop / Urban dance companies in Australasia. 



“Empowerment of all people through our passion & commitment in the Performing Arts”


Through the years, TRiPLe8FuNk has been featured in a number of major events including Carnival Choreographer’s Ball (Sydney), Coca-Cola Christmas in The Park (Auckland), Poreotic's Tic Tic Tour II (Melbourne), Tokyo Tower Showcase (Japan), Boogiezone International Showcase (Los Angeles), and many more. They have toured a number of cities worldwide and have organized a few dance events such as concerts, workshops and after-parties for international touring artists.

The company aims for excellence & believes in teamwork, discipline, artistic innovation, & community involvement. They create a funky flavour to the latest dance styles. So from the cool ‘old skool’ to the hot ‘new skool’, groovin’ to the freshest beats is what they do best!

You can find Joel at :

IG: @joel.gallarde


Emeroy Bernardo is a leader in personal transformation and a leader in the areas of health and fitness, personal productivity, and personal development. He's praised for zen leadership style combined with his passionate vision to guide others become their best selves whether it's through fitness or dance classes. Emeroy's greatest victory wasn't just gaining control of his health, but overcoming his own ego and anger after being sent to jail and nearly losing his family.


Aside from coaching and teaching, Emeroy love's spending time with his family and friends as well as perform and compete with his dance company.

I was so glad that I had met Emeroy through SOGA and I was thrilled when there were more members in the arts. He talks about his growth and experiences in your life and business since joining.

He also shares how he has generated income through online courses untilizing Udemy and his App creation.



IG, twitter: @emeroyb



My dance crew's ig: @familybizness 

Links to all Emeroy's courses on udemy:


This Episode is brought to you by my EP "Be Heard"

Be Heard on iTunes

Be heard on Smule

Outro song: Dorothy Ruby Shoes on iTunes

People we mentioned:

What and who we mentioned:


Tiana Canterbury:


Mike Champion:

Jul 19, 2015


Amanda describes her new music as loungey electronic pop, combining old fashioned melodies with post-modern sounds. Easton's third commercial release, the new 5-song EP 'Out of the Blue' was recorded in various studios in Sydney's Inner West by UK Music Producer Matt Sladen and was wholly financed by crowdfunding through

Amanda has released two self-penned albums before this, with two singles from her self-titled debut earning Top 10 positions in the Australian independent (AIR) music charts. Her music videos and live performances have graced television screens on The Kerri-Anne Show, Bert Newton, Denis Drysdale Show as well as ‘V’ and ‘MTV’ and recently the Morning show.

She’s performed for the who’s who of Australian corporations and twice at the ARIA awards. She’s appeared onstage as backing vocalist for some of our best loved musical legends including Glenn Shorrock, Powderfinger, Marcia Hines, James Reyne and Vanessa Amarosi and has toured exensively with multi-platinum artists Richard Clapton and Wendy Matthews. Amanda continues to perform in venues around Sydney including regular appearances at The Basement at Circular Quay as well as the Taronga Zoo Twilight Series.

Some people might know Amanda as a ‘PopTart’ – as well as running showcases for females singer songwriters for almost 10 years, she produced and hosted her own 13 episode TV Series called ‘PopTarts TV’ for TVS in Sydney and Channel 31 in Melbourne.

We chat about:

1.     Her first launch

2.     How she got creative during her launch

3.     How she built her team for the launch

4.     What team you need to launch your album

5.     How to be your own record company

6.     Be aware of highs and lows that can come your way

How to deals with Reviews

8.     Crowd Funding and House Concerts

9.     How to hire a Publicist

10.How she balances family, music:

-       Gyms at least 3 times a week

-       Doesn’t party

-       Not shouting above loud music

-       Learnt what is good for her

-       The fast diet 5/2


Be sure to watch her new show on 23rd July 2015

Ladies sing the blues at the Sydney Opera House

Tickets on sale:


You can follow Amanda at :

Music Credit for Intro and Outro:

New Bohemians Remix

If you would like to start your first Album here is a free Cheatsheet:


Jun 24, 2015

Karly Nimmo is the host of very popular business podcast Karlosophies

After a seriously bad haircut (a ‘frullet’) from an evil hairdresser who, after revealing his disaster, dared to mutter the words ‘There! Now you have the perfect head for radio!’, Karly decided she was far too attractive to continue in radio land. It was time for a change. While her stunning looks made her an obvious choice for a life in front of the camera, her nous for business, warm vocal abilities, terrible haircut and emotionally scarring from said hairdresser, led her straight to the recording booth.

She has voiced, and co-ordinated projects for big names… like Telstra, NAB, Panasonic, Sensis, McAfee, Jims, Ebay and Brambles. In addition, Karly has narrated a 26 part television series, can be heard in schools Australia wide via electronic whiteboards and has played many a character in children’s software programs. Her friendly, unpatronising and well rounded sound makes her ideal for learning – at both an adult and children’s level.


While her once hideous hair cut is these days just a distant memory, the emotional scarring remains… she is destined to be behind the mic (and behind the business) and, thankfully, that is where she’ll remain.


It's difficult to put someone like Karly Nimmo into just one box.  At her very core, Karly is a connector, communicator and creator.  She also wears hats as a small business mentor, mastermind facilitator, voice over artist and agent, keen podcaster and writer, but above all, a devoted and loving mother. Oh and she's funny as all hell.  


We chat about:


1. How she got started as a voice over artist

2. How she prepares for her Voice over work?

3. Who are her mentors and who she draws inspiration from? 

4. How to create a portable sound booth

5. Advice would you give to someone who is looking into using their voice as a career. 



Karly’s tips to becoming a Voice over Artist


1.     Try getting experience on community Radio

2.     Be proactive Source work

3.     Access to a studio

4.     Have equipment

5.     Be available

6.     Be committed and consistent




1.     Blue Yeti

2.     USB mic – that Plugs and Plays

3.     Software – Garageband,  Audacity is free thank can edit

4.     Space – acoustic form room

Anything to soften the space even your wardrobe

5.     Pop filter

6.     Headphones – anything that’s closed, be aware of

7.     Portabooth – IKEA boxes lined with mattress foam


You can connect with Karly at :


Websites and Rescources


Lewis Howes - The School of Greatness


Johnathon Fields – The good life project


Kassandra Bibas - She runs the show


B-school -With Marie Forleo


Jun 9, 2015

A voice that truly change my world! It's a great honour to have Elly Oh on my Podcast.  Because of Elly's resourcefulness I am so fortunate to see the Dalai Lama with her.  She will have the honour to sing for his holiness during his visit here in Sydney.  How did she get the gig?  She asked!!! She offered her services as a gift so she can meet his holiness and in return was offered two free tickets to the event. What a lifetime experience and also an opportunity to share your gift with one of the most respected people on earth.  That is something money cannot buy.

Elly is one of the most resourceful singer I know.  She is not afraid to go after what she wants and helps create opportunities around her.


Born in South Korea, Elly Oh has been in the music industry for over 10 years. She first discovered her passion for music when she was 18 years old after volunteering to sing to an old patient at the hospital where the nurse thought Elly had an amazing voice. After studying Bachelor of Opera at the University of Hanyang in South Korea, Elly moved to Italy to pursue her opera career and complete a diploma of Opera.

Elly has performed at various Opera events including places in Italy, Korea and also in Sydney. She has won various awards for her Opera abilities including first prize in the McDonalds Opera competition (World Song).

After moving to Sydney, Australia Elly has changed her vocal style to pop as she enjoyed the upbeat music. She is currently teaching students to sing in a private studio based on her Opera techniques as well as performing the occasional special event.

In May 2014, Elly appeared on the Voice Australia 2014 where she blew away 4 coaches within 5 secs of her blind audition with her powerful rendition of Jessie J's "Mama Knows Best". During the Battle Rounds she continued to wow Australia and the world (alongside her mentor and coach Ricky Martin) with her Opera voice and was clearly the early favourite to win the Voice Australia 2014.

Moving to Sydney only 5 years ago, knowing very little English, Elly found the courage and motivation to audition on national television for The Voice Australia 2014, placing her in the Top 12 out of 8000 plus auditions and is now considered one of Australia’s lovable artist.

Inspired by Elly's determination I have come up with 10 ways to be a resourceful singer to land better gigs and opportunities.

I am assuming you are a wonderful singer already!

You can visit the blog to read the full tips:

You can connect withh Elly :

Do you have a clever tip on how to get better gigs and opportunities? Share it in the comments below.

If you liked this post please like, share and comment below!

To download your free Cheatsheet to get your album started please visit


May 20, 2015

Brian Lorenz was born to perform! Born and raised in a small town in the Philippines, he started singing and dancing at school from an early age. His late father always encouraged him to perform and he was often putting on a show for him in exchange for lollies. 

As a common trend in his hometown, Brian moved to the big city to explore the opportunities that Manila could offer. One opportunity lead to another and he travelled to many countries for dance engagements. For Brian to fulfill his dreams and aspirations he knew he would have to leave the Philippines and so Australia became the lucky country and in 2008 Brian arrived in Sydney to start a new life. 

He began his journey by studying hairdressing whilst continuing with his dancing and quickly became entrenched in the Ballroom Dancing community. In 2009, Brian's talent for dancing was spotted and he was offered a scholarship to study his Bachelor of Dance at Wesley College in Sydney where he graduated in 2011. 

After dancing for over a decade, Brian never had confidence in his singing until he was prevented from entering a Talent Quest as a dancer (as he was too good and too experienced). Instead he entered as a vocalist. He went on to win the quest singing one of his now signature songs "The Prayer". 

Realising now that he could sing, Brian whilst still studying continued to enter Talent Quests around Sydney and became well acquainted to performing with a live band and over time gained popularity in the main stream and in the Filipino community. The experience was invaluable and after winning competitions at Blacktown RSL, Cabra-Vale Diggers, Lakemba Ex Servicemen’s Club and Canterbury Bankstown Leagues Club, he has transitioned into being one of the featured performers in many leading clubs and venues all over New South Wales. Since the start of his professional performing career he has already shared the stage with Australia’s leading and multi-awarded international performers Karen Beckett, Stephen Fisher King, Kel-Anne Brandt and Lisa Crouch. Not to mention Australia’s X-Factor winners Dami Im and Marlisa Ann and Israel X-Factor winner Rose Fostanes. 

In 2013, Brian started producing his own shows and has received outstanding reviews. With his wonderful voice from heaven and his unique ability to entertain he has created a big fan base and due to widespread requests saw him launch his debut album "It's Time" at his spectacular self produced production show at Rooty Hill RSL in October 2014. 

Brian has become one of the most sought after Filipino artists in Australia. He can sing, he can dance and he sure can entertain!

Brian shares with us his secrets to his successful performances

May 20, 2015

Marcus is a versatile singer and actor having performed in Classical music, music theatre, cabaret, film and TV. He has worked with various companies such as Opera Queensland (Sweeny Todd), The Production Company (The king and I, Anything Goes), Melbourne City Opera, Cameron Mackintosh (Miss Saigon Australian tour 2007-2008), and ABC Network (Rewind – Mei Quong Tart). Marcus wrote his one-man cabaret show “Callas Bitch” performing in Sydney and as a headliner in the Melbourne Cabaret Festival (2006). Marcus produced and performed in the vocal group ENCORE and recorded their debut CD ENCORE “LIVE!”- Vincero! Marcus performed in the weekly “Jazz and Broadway” cabaret show at TENO2 Jazz Club (2010 Manila) and the sell-out performance of the “Skarlet Fever” Revue. Marcus is the recipient of the McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod’s 2012 “Counter Tenor Award” and is currently working on the counter-tenor repertoire, as well as working and recording an album of Filipino Art Songs “Kundiman”.

I am thrilled to have him as a guest on the blog and podcast.  He is so versatile and talented yet so humble and sooooo funny! Marcus shares how he got started in the music industry, breathing techniques that have helped him with his singing, how to connect with the audience when performing and how he keeps himself motivated.

He chats about:

  • How to breathe for singing
  • How to relax the tongue
  • Importance of your network 

We chat about his latest project as a host for the upcoming Lea Salonga Sydney concert on the 31st of July, 2015. My students will also be part of the production which we are so excited about!

If you would like to connect with Marcus and follow his exciting new ventures and up coming shows please visit him on

May 15, 2015

Tina Bangel is a Vocal Coach, Singer & Songwriter.  One Voice can change the world was created to share inspiring stories from people making a difference in the music industry and in the world today.  Incredible Voices who will give you the tools & tips to help you become a performer you will be proud of.  Bringing your lifestyle and music business to the next level.