One Voice can change the world with Tina Bangel

Tina Bangel is a Vocal Coach, Singer and Songwriter. One Voice can change the world was created to share inspiring stories from people making a difference in the music industry and in the world today. Incredible Voices who will give you the tools & tips to help you become a performer you will be proud of. Helping you take your lifestyle and music business to the next level.
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One Voice can change the world with Tina Bangel



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Apr 30, 2018

Van Sereno

Don't be fooled, this aint no PopAsia. No gangnam style or cheesy love ballads from this man! Van is an Australian indie artist migrated from the Philippines and based in Sydney from the tender age of 5. Growing up in the inner west has produced a competent guitarist and an innovative songwriter with an engaging voice.

Starting out as session guitarist for Sydneys top cover bands and various recording studios around town, he graduated with his own originals outfit and songwriting vehicle VAMPit. For years he worked on his craft until he felt comfortable breaking out on his own solo career in early 2005. Eleven years later, Van is promoting his 8th independently released album "Don't Worry", and continues to play anything from pubs, clubs, weddings, corporates, tours and festivals.

His music is best described as indie urban acoustic with a pop sensibility, a kind of storytelling with a groove. Not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, Van offers you a brand of music that is quirky, cheeky and yet foot stomping and booty shaking at the same time. Think John Mayer meets Babyface.

What we spoke about:

  • What are 5 tips to being a better songwriter? 
  • What are some perceived failures but looking back that was the best thing that ever happened to you? 
  • If someone has been gigging for years what are ways to keep things interesting and how have your evolved? 
  • Give us examples of ways you have evolved as songwriter and performer?  
  • I know that you are creative and firstly you are an artist, one of the struggles we have as singers and artists is wearing different hats (admin etc) how are you finding the balance with social media and creativity? 
  • Who are your mentors? 
  • What does 10 years look like for you? 
  • The name of this podcast is One Voice can change the world what does this mean to you?
  • What is one song that changed your life? 
  • How can people connect with you? Where can we get your latest album? 
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Apr 5, 2018

Jasmine Biala

Loved my time with the one and only Jasmine Biala!

Jasmine finds no greater joy than singing. From the tender age of 7, Jasmine has been heavily involved with the Filipino-Australian community, singing for various charity events and opening for international music acts.

Since completing her Bachelor of Music, Jasmine has been involved in numerous musical contexts – from performing to big audiences, to recording original music. She prides herself on her versatility, growing up with a love for all types of music. Her greatest achievement in her career so far is performing to a sold out crowd with her original group, Enter The Ninja.

One of Jasmine’s defining characteristics is her pursuit to make everyone smile through her music.

In this episode Jasmine shares her personal story about her vocal health.  How she overcame her vocal struggles and continues to wow audiences not only in Sydney but Internationally whilst sailing on the seas!


Instagram: @jasminebiala
Website (for my acoustic duo):
Sponsor:  Money Mindset Workshop by Denise Duffield Thomas

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